• Build Your Own UX Research Agency

    Create the Work You Love to Do With a Proven Strategy

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    If you've spent any significant amount of time working in Design or UX, you have likely built up a number of skills outside of your "core compentency" - working with stakeholders, collaborating with team members, gathering information from third-party sources - all the stuff that surrounds the stuff you do "for a living."
    Perhaps, after some years of this, you're thinking about going out on your own.
    Or perhaps, your employer has recently made that choice for you.
    In either case, the future can look both full of promise, and full of terror.
    Like peering out over the tranquil, glimmering surface of a beautiful tropical bay, which might be infested with ravenous sharks that shoot venemous spiders out of their mouths.
    Luckily, you don't have to go it alone.