• Earn What You're Worth 

    How Much You Should Charge Per Hour? Live the Life You Want, and Build a Sustainable, Scalable Business

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    New to Freelancing?

    Not sure how much to charge for your services? Wondering if you can raise your rates?

    • Don't: take your current salary, and divide by 2000 hours.
    • Don't: look at what other people in your industry are charging, and just charge a little less.
    • Don't: take a guess, and see if clients are willing to pay.

    Instead: use this workbook!


    Deciding how much to charge clients as a freelancer can seem really hard, but it actually is incredibly simple: you start by asking:


    "How much money do I need to support the lifestyle I want?"


    Starting with your own financial needs is the way to build a sustainable, scalable small business (or side-gig) that supports you, your life, your needs, and the people you care about.

    This simple-to-use workbook will tell you what you need to charge your clients per hour, while taking into account:

    • What expenses you need to cover
    • How much you want to work
    • (Approximately) what taxes you'll need to pay
    • How much time off you want to take each year (you know, "vacation")
    • Your "buffer" (we'll explain what that is, and why it's important)
    • How much you want to save for an "emergency fund" and your retirement (yes, even Freelancers get to retire!)

    This guide is ideal for:

    • People who are new to freelancing
    • Anyone who's been freelancing for a while, but is feeling super-stressed by their finances
    • Anyone who wants to build a sustainable business that will support their chosen lifestyle for the long term.