I've been working in UX since 1998 - long before we could even argue about what the difference was between UX, IA, and design. I bring deep experience in strategy, analysis, problem definition and team management, and I've worked with some of the largest brands in the world - including 4 of the 5 largest banks in the U.S.

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    Providing Design Strategy and UX Research to the Worlds Biggest Brands

    Founder, Chief Agitator, 2011-present

    Chamjari Interactive provides Experience Strategy & Design consulting to individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes, drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in interactive media and business consulting.




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    To Talk the Talk, You Need to Walk the Walk

    Founder, Chief Ninja 2014-2021

    To learn more about building a Customer Experience from scratch, I created a new product, a new brand, and an eCommerce platform centered around a packaged mix for making Butter Coffee on the go. I grew the business from $0 - $250,000/year in sales, with over 10,000 customers worldwide.



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    Senior Strategist, Consultant, 2011-2012

    Providing customer experience strategy and interaction design expertise to Global 50 clients.





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    The Archer Group

    VP, Experience Design, 2008-2011
    Lead a team of UX, Analytics and Strategy consultants for Fortune 500 clients including Chase, SunGard, Wawa and more.
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    VP, Strategic Services, 2001-2008
    Built and lead one of the largest teams of User Experience professionals in the U.S. from 2004-2008. Combined UX with Strategy, Analytics, and Media Planning into Refinery's Strategic Services offering, taking over leadership of that group when Refinery was purchased by G2/WPP in 2007.
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    Once every week or four, I (and the bots) send out a missive, with some thoughts on UX, AI, and Design Strategy. It is amusing and informative. And brief.

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